Travelling to a city or country for holiday or vacation doesn’t look as expensive as you may assume it to be.

Taking that vacation to a city that has always been in your travel bucket-list could be as cheap as just making up your mind and creating time.


Here are 8 ways to travel cheap to that preferred country of your choice.

  1. Plan your trip

It is important to plan your trip before you set out on a trip.

Always do some research on your trip destination to know a little about the country, culture, food, transportation, hotels, and hostels. This will help to make a clear plan that fits your budget.


  1. Sign up with flight consolidation website

To sign up with flight consolidation website will help you to get notified when a flight does hit a crazy-low price, you can get notified immediately before it expires. Examples of such websites is


  1. Travel out of season

There is much opportunity to travel out of season because many people tend to stay home, this is when you will get a flight ticket on the lowest price. Also getting Hostels and guest house that are budget friendly.


  1. Use AIRBNB

Always use Airbnb to find local cheap house and guest house to rent especially if you travelling as a group or as a family. You can rent anything from a separate room in someone’s house to an entire home or apartment. And, this will help you to cook your own food without going to the restaurant that will charge you more so you can save twice.

8 ways to travel cheap
8 ways to travel cheap


  1. Use the local public transport system

In many countries, you will find the local public bus and trains at a cheap price and this will help to connect you with local people.


  1. Visit cheap countries

There are more and more countries that are affordable to travel to.

Maybe you can visit Gambia, Dubai, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and much more of this countries where your dollars, euros, pound and Naira can be worth it. Due to different levels of development and currency some places will get you much better than others. That’s why you have to visit cheap countries.


  1. Cook your own meal

In many countries, food is the best expense in most people’s travel budgets but if you rent the house you can cook your own meal. You can just buy food in the local market and cook your own meal in your kitchen and save tons of money.


  1. Walk more

You cannot spend money in every place you visit especially when you intend to save money. If you are visiting someplace in a city you can walk and someplace is like few miles only.