Enamoring beaches, azure waters, thrilling activities, and exotic weather, Maldives tourism is adorned by such charming features and a lot more. The tourism of this island country boasts of a plethora of Maldives tourist places that lure backpackers, honeymooners as well as families. Visit Maldives to experience the tropical charm of these islands in the Indian Ocean. For decades, the breathtaking place has carried its engrossing elegance by attracting tourists from all parts of the world, and majorly from India.

Tourist Places in Maldives

While listing the names of the stupefying attractions in Maldives, certainly the islands top the category. Let’s start with the majestic beauty of the Fua Mulaku, Kudahuvadoo, Mirihi islands which are some of the top Maldives tourist attractions. Altogether they exhibit a memorizing comeliness through its plantations to grand places like the mosque. While the later Mirihi Island is underscored for being a travel hotspot for the honeymoon spouses. Besides that, Maldives tour guide offers a shelter in its grandly decorated bungalows in the midst of the conjuring natural attractions.

  1. Sun Island Maldives

Located on the island of Nalaguraidhoo, Sun Island resort offers both adventure and relaxation for visitors. This luxurious property provides modern amenities and a variety of experiences like watersports and spa sessions to guests. It remains one of the top spots for couples on a honeymoon in Maldives.

  1. Paradise Island Maldives

This is another luxurious accommodation option for those visiting Maldives on a holiday. A range of pastimes awaits guests including watersports, beach walks, spa sessions, and sightseeing tours.

  1. Meeru island Maldives

Encircled by a beautiful lagoon, this island is about 1200 meters long and 350 meters wide. Aside from white-sand beaches, the island features several traditional open-air restaurants, sea-facing bars, and scuba centers. It is located about one hour away from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport via speedboat.

  1. National Museum Maldives

To catch the glimpses of the antiquities collection of Maldives, you have to drive straight to Sultan Park. The National Museum of Maldives houses thousands of relics picked from the golden Pre Islamic period and a handful of curios from the Buddhist kingdom. After taking a tour of the museum, travelers can go to Male Local Market for shopping in Maldives. Souvenirs such as miniature of boats, home decor made of seashells, local handicrafts, and mementos are popular items to buy in Maldives.

5. Historical Places in Maldives

History unfolds the architectural magnificence in every form. To witness the same, you have to visit the Old Friday mosque at Male Island. The complex network of designs embedded with corals, and enriched with detailed Arabic scripts will captivate you. The Maldives tourism also let you embrace the traditional and modern arts of Maldives. It houses both aboriginal and international arts in their aesthetic form. Factually it nests all types of artwork right from photography to abstract paintings. The Maldives tour guide will guide you to be a part of the art workshops as well.

6. Scuba Diving in Maldives

To unearth the marine life of Maldives, the tourism in Maldives emphasis on adding the banana reef to the list. The reef in great measures includes the artistic caves and intense growth of coral. Scuba diving Maldives cost change as per the high and low tourist season. North and South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Laamu, and Manta Point are top spots for diving.

In addition to that, the Maldives travel guide also explains that it is one of the prominent spots to explore the underwater life of the reef incorporates endangered species. Board on a Maldives cruise to get some experience you have to head to the Rainbow reef or the HP reef.

Compared to another reef, the swift water flow will intrigue visitors undoubtedly. You will love to capture the motley color designs of corals and diverse sea whips. As you penetrate deep into the blue, you will be piqued with the intense marine beauty. Here’s our listing of tourist attractions in Maldives and important travel information to have a memorable Maldives island vacation.

Source: traveltriangle.com